Gözde Böcü

Research Assistant

Gözde is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto specializing in Comparative Politics and International Relations. Her research interests include transnationalism, migration, and authoritarianism. In her dissertation project, Gözde explores authoritarian diaspora policies and their effects on diasporas from a comparative perspective. She is currently working towards completing her dissertation project by conducting multi-sited fieldwork.

Before joining the Ph.D. program, Gözde held several Research Fellowships in Germany. Awarded by the German National Merit Foundation and the German Exchange Foundation, Gözde has studied at the Humboldt University in Germany, the Middle East Technical University in Turkey, and at the University of Toronto in Canada. Gözde holds a B.A. in Social Science and an M.A. in Political Science from Humboldt University.